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Member show

December 29, 2022: Receiving Date

January 3, 2023:  Opening Day

January 19, 2023: Art Walk 5-8pm

January 28, 2023: Final Day

January 29, 2023: Pick Up Date

"Art is an attempt by the artist to elicit an emotional response from the observer."

Abstract artists reach out to connect with the viewer's raw emotions.  Their choice of composition, color, value and method are the artist's tools. ​ Impressionists strive to create a vision using light and color to enable the viewer to see and understand what, to the artist, are the essential elements of the image. ​ In the world of "Fantasy" the artist reaches inward to express unworldly images as if they are real. ​ We invite you to leave your preconceptions at the door of Mistlin Gallery during January.  Sit in one of our comfortable chairs and take time to let your emotions whirl with the possibilities presented by the artists' images.

Collision VII

Invitational Only Exhibition

 Gallery B

January 29,2023: Receiving Date

January 31, 2023: Opening Day

February 16, 2023: Art Walk 5-8pm

February 23, 2023: Reception and Poetry Reading 7pm

March 4, 2023: Final Day

March 5, 2023: Pick Up Date

"Collision VII" is a collaborative event where 18 poets and 18 photographers were paired and challenged to create singular works that represented both of their unique, personal views. The results will be displayed in Mistlin Gallery during February 2023 and a poetry reading with a slide show of the photographic images will celebrate the final results on February 24, 2023. This is the seventh renewal of the popular event that began in 2008 and has been a bi-annual event until COVID interfered with the schedule. The event is organized by David Schroeder and Linda Scheller.


Circus Vargas:
Behind The Curtain

A Solo Exhibition

Gallery A

January 31, 2023: Opening Day

February 16, 2023: Art Walk 5-8pm

March 4, 2023: Final Day

"Circus Vargas: Behind the Curtain" is an exhibition of photographs by award-winning photographer and realist painter William Harris. The exhibition features candid and mostly unposed images taken in 1991 and 1998-1999 at Circus Vargas in Modesto, California. Harris's personal project captures the essence of the traveling tent circus and its performers through his documentary approach, which captures slices of life that are often ignored. The exhibition aims to showcase the beauty and wonder of the circus, inviting the audience to appreciate the art and skill that goes into each performance.

Letters Home Photography Pop-Up
By Thelma Saldivar

Opening: February 14, 2023

Art Walk: February 16, 2023

Final Day: February 18, 2023


An emotional and personal photography experience that visually documents the resettlement of immigrant and refugee college students in the Central Valley. Through the exhibition, you will gain an understanding of the stories they want to tell their families, their longing for their cultural heritage and their determination to maintain it. Join us on February 16th during the art walk, don't miss this chance to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences.

young_art poster23.jpg


Student Art Exhibit

 March 7, 2023: Opening

March 16, 2023: Art Walk 5-8pm

April 1, 2023: Final Day & Reception

Get ready to showcase your creativity and talent! The Central California Art Association's annual Young@Art exhibition is open to all youth-aged artists, from pre-school to high school. All art submissions will be accepted, and winning artists will be awarded with ribbons and cash prizes. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to have your art recognized and celebrated. Submit your artwork and be a part of this exciting event!

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