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Expose Yourself To Art

David Schroeder and Linda Scheller host a video lineup of artist talks and interviews!

View on our YouTube Channel or on Facebook, Sundays at 3:00 pm.  Or enjoy our video archives of past interviews on the same channels.

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Cabaret Series

Beginning in 2019, CCAA/Mistlin Gallery produced a series of fine art cabaret concerts.  The proceeds from these events are used to fund CCAA's cooperative community endeavors with other arts groups, and for the development of a Grace Lieberman Young Artist Scholarship fund.  Although sidelined since the COVID shutdown, Cabarets are in the works and we will have a 2023 schedule soon. ​ Grace was one of our community's cultural treasures.  She was not only a consummate musical and dramatic performer, having starred with all the major theater groups in the valley, but was also a major advocate for the arts in all forms.  She served two terms as the director of the Stanislaus Arts Council - often without pay.  Upon her passing in 2018, she willed a small grant to the gallery. These funds have been used to purchase items needed to create a performance space within the gallery to accommodate 100 persons per performance. Champagne and desserts will be included in the cost of admission.

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